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How To Save On Cost Of Constructing A Block Fence

Block fences are among the most popular ones because they are among the most private. They can however also be very expensive to construct, but a good fencing company will help you reduce the cost as much as possible. When you are thinking of cost reduction you should think of safety and longevity of your fence. Let us see what you can do to reduce the cost of constructing a block fence around your property.
Consider making your own block

Buying already made concrete blocks can be very expensive from fence & gate supply company . This is because you incur the cost of raw materials, labor and transportation. You also pay the additional overhead cost that the concrete brick manufacturer would incur. You can reduce all that by making your own blocks in your premises that way you can cut on the cost of transport, you can negotiate the cost of labor and drastically cut the overhead cost and shield yourself from the additional cost that the seller would have used as profit.

Save on the cost of wood if possible:
You need lumber forms to make footer of your concrete block fences. You have the option of buying new wood or using old wood from other projects. The best option if you intend to save would be to use old timber that have exited other projects. You can also borrow from friends, this will greatly cut the cost of buying new wood.

Save on mortar:
Mixing a lot of mortar all at once can be very wasteful. Wet mortar is very easy to use and produces a good strength when it dries. If it takes too long after being mixed, it becomes dry and difficult to use. The result it produces is also not as strong as expected. To overcome this, ensure that the mortar that has been mixed can last for a maximum of two hours. If it takes longer than that it is prone to becoming weak and a lot of waste would be incurred. When mortar has dried, it becomes hard to reuse and wasteful on cement.

Do it alone or find a contractor:
The most important thing to consider is the knowledge and skills. If you are equipped with the right knowledge you can consider making your fence. You can hire equipment from a company. It is however advisable to get a construction company to do this work for you. A block fence may look simple to construct but it can raise safety concerns. An experienced professional eye can also go a long way to make you see a few details that you could have overlooked. Depending on your circumstances, you can decide on the best alternative of construction for you.