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Preventing Main Water Intrusion Sources

There are many different causes of water damage in the home. Some are quite rare, such as flash floods. On top of that, there is practically nothing that residents can do to prevent water intrusion coming from this source because of its sheer volume of water. Fortunately it is extremely rare. For other causes of water damage however, there are ways to prepare and prevent it from happening.

Blockage of the sewage may not be as common as other causes of water damage. However, it is probably one of the most devastating. This is because the water that causes the intrusion and the flooding in the affected area is extremely contaminated. Homeowners who experience this type of water damage should expect to replace a lot of items in the home. Repeat visits from water damage restoration services should also be expected because contaminated water that has seeped through cracks, crevices and corners will sprout molds sooner or later. Usually, this is caused by tree roots that has grown too large and are already clogging the sewage system. In order to prevent this from happening, residents should make it a point to buy drain treatments that kill off unwanted plant growth in the sewage system. This isnt too much work because its only poured into the toilet once a month.

Another main cause of water damage is carelessness. These days where our lives are governed by gadgets and other electronic devices, we tend to forget a lot of things. Its not surprising that a lot of adults and children alike are forgetting to turn off the tap completely after use. In fact, there have been instances of people leaving the shower in a hurry to answer a call. After their phone conversations, they go on about their routine after showering and forget that they had left the water running. While most will remember their oversight before leaving the home, some are bound to forget it because they are already thinking about their next agenda for the day. Making it a habit to turn off the faucet or the spicket.

What homeowners can do however is to be wary of any telltale signs that indicate possible leakage that might subsequently lead to water damage. One of these signs are drips from plumbing, which might escalate from mere drips to full blown spray. This is going to cause a lot of trouble specially if it decides to burst open when nobody is at home.