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Getting Rid Of Roaches The Natural Way

Roaches can become a nightmare if left unattended. Not only do these roaches reproduce fast, they even carry harmful contaminants that can cause different kinds of diseases. They carry huge amounts of bacteria and viruses that can cause cholera, typhoid fever, gastroenteritis and the like. There are now several methods that can get rid of these roaches the natural way which will be discussed below.

For starters, chrysanthemums can naturally repel roaches and other types of pests. Its sometimes referred to as mums in other countries. It was first used as a herb in China over 5 centuries ago. By simply taking care of around half a dozen of these chrysanthemums, you can get rid of roaches, both young and old, from the vestiges of your own home.

Lemons can also be used in order to ward off roaches. The best part here is that you can use both the lemon juice and the lemon peel in dealing with them. In a cup, you can put in a portion of water and 2 tbsp. of pure lemon juice. You need to use a spray bottle to spray it at the places prone to roaches in your home. The natural properties of lemons, as a fruit belonging to the citrus family, will naturally keep roaches away. The roaches cant stand the citrus smell. You can also opt to grind the lemon peels and place them in specific areas of your home. These lemon peels also contain the same natural properties and can ward off roaches immediately.

You can also use bay leaves if you only want to keep roaches out of your home. These bay leaves act as a natural insect repellent similar to mums. You just need to crush these leaves into powder form. You can also buy those fresh crushed bay leaves at your local supermarket. With its natural spiciness, roaches can find it hard to approach any area smeared in it.

For a more drastic approach, there are several concoctions that you can employ in order to get rid of these roaches naturally. You can find the materials for these concoctions at your own home. A typical combination you can use is the sugar and baking soda combination. Equal parts of both these ingredients must be combined in a bowl or container. Once you are sure that you have mixed it properly, you can sprinkle them in places that house these roaches. The sugar acts as the bait while the baking soda will cause the roaches to die from stomach acid.

If you want to actively kill roaches, you can use any fabric softener that you have at home, preferably the diluted ones. A mixture of ¾ cup of fabric softener and ½ cup water should do the trick. A couple of sprays and the cockroaches will find it difficult to breathe, causing them suffocation. You can use this method during the day, especially if the roaches are active and their numbers are massive. You can use other methods at night when you are asleep to get rid of these roaches faster.

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