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Fence Types

Fences are a great addition to any yard and they add a certain element to your landscape; they are able to add privacy and beauty, which causes them to be a functional addition to your garden or yard area. On the market today, there are so many fencing materials that are available. With all of the materials that are available come a number of different designs that can be done with certain materials. There are different sizes, colors and styles in which to choose from when it comes to the different materials. Some of the designs are lattice, scalloped edges, basket weave, Gothicedges, panels and so many more. Your choices are endless and great.

Here are a few things that you may want to think about before getting your fence:

It is crucial to know where your property line is before the installation of your fence. If you are picking an installer that is reliable and knows their job then they will make sure of this before they install your fence. If you are installing your fence by yourself then you need to make sure that you know accurately, where the property line is.

Just as important as knowing where your property line is, it is equally of importance that you know what your local zoning regulations are before you even think of getting started. The worst thing that can happen is you dont know your zoning information is that you will have to dismantle your newly installed fence; you will get a ticket and a fine.

Make sure that you will not be hitting any underground utilities by contacting your local electric and gas companies.

Know your budget. When you know what you are working with it will help to narrow down your fence choices.

Types of Fences

Post and Rail Fencing

If you are seeking to have your home give off a southern feel or farm land feel then the post and rail fencing might be more of what youre looking for. This fence will not create any privacy, but it will divide a property line.

Wood Panel Fencing

This fence is popular for many different reasons, included in the reasoning is its ability to provide the most privacy and it is offered in a number of different types of stain.

Polymer Fencing

This particular fence has a wrought iron look but it has a lower maintenance unlike wrought iron.

Chain Link

If you are seeking a more functional and economical type of fence then this might be the fence for you. This fence can keep the children and animals in while keeping the pests out and it divides the property lines while doing so. Chain link fences are also available with a weather resistant vinyl coating they are usually brown or green in color.

Vinyl Fencing

Just as with most vinyl products like gutters and siding, vinyl fencing needs little to no maintenance which causes it to be one of the more popular fence choices and there is no fading or rotting which adds to the reason why a lot of people choose this fence.