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Essentials That You Must Pay Attention To When You Shopping For Chain Link Fences

The selection of a fence is very tricky, especially if you are doing it for the first time. The worst mistake that you can make during this process is to assume that all fences are created equal. They are not. If you are looking to get a fence that will provide you with value for your money, you must approach your search in a very meticulous manner. This article explores the nitty gritties that must be taken into account when you are choosing a fence. To get good chain link fence contractor in Houston.

1. Look at the wire materials

The first thing you should look at when you are shopping for chain link is the material that the wire is made of. In the market, you will find zinc-coated wires, stainless steel and aluminum wire.

a) Zinc-coated

Zinc-coated or galvanized wires are forecasted to be very long lasting and are recommended for residential properties. They are forecasted to last for over 12 years and require little to no maintenance.

b) Aluminum

Aluminum chain link fences come with numerous advantages: they are lightweight, weather resistant, long-lasting, corrosion resistant and are very strong. You will find this type of chain link commercial properties and schools. This type of fence is forecasted to last for more than two decades. They are more expensive than zinc-coated chain link.

c) Stainless steel

This type of chain link has a variety of great properties that make it very expensive to procure. For starters, it is corrosion resistant. Secondly, it is capable of sustaining very high temperature. It is also weather-resistant. In terms of tensile strength, stainless steel is very strong and doesnt break under intense stress. Thus it maintains its shape for prolonged periods. This chain link can be found on highway barriers, rail roads, airports and areas that are generally like to experience very high stress.

2. Additional wire coating materials

For enhanced durability and aesthetics, most property owners will paint their chain link fence. While this is a practical step towards being economic, paint has a tendency to chip, crack or peel. This is very untenable, especially if you have a very busy schedule and have to constantly maintain the fence. As a prospective chain link fence owner, you need to think long-term and employ methods that will ensure durability for years to come. Below are methods that are likely to make this a reality for you.

a) Plastic coating

This is one of the most common coats that you will find on chain link fences. When applied well, they can functional as well as aesthetic. If you opt to have this add-on, Poly-vinyl Chloride or PVC is applied on the wire. This plastic prevents rust, corrosion and any deterioration occasioned by constant exposure to the elements.

3. Wire gauge and wire mesh sizes

Chain link come in different gauges and sizes. You must take into consideration the risks that you are bound to face and whether or not the fence can withstand the stress placed on it.

These are the critical considerations you must make when you are contemplating putting up a chain link fence.