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Led Light Bulbs In Hawaii: A New Energy Saving Era

Not only they are affordable, LED lights will save tons of They are incredibly economical, and have a long-lasting life. The only thing you need before installing LED lights in your property is a skilled Kaneohe electrician serving Hawaii with this next-generation technology. But before you do that, here is something you should know about energy saving LED lights.

All You Need To Know About LED Lights

Now that we covered the main benefits of LED lights, it is important to say that there are many types of LED lighting and each of them differs with its own specifics. Basically, it takes the right repairman or electrician in Kaneohe to see what is best for your home, office or outdoor area and get you a LED lighting that tailors to your budget. In case you didn't know, LED is regarded as one of the most progressive technologies that simulate lighting with the lowest form of energy. On top of that, this industry-leading technology is used by many electricians everywhere in the world because of its efficiency and long-lasting lifespan. While an incandescent bulb requires its filament to glow white-hot before producing the visible light, LED uses up to 80% less electrical power to light up. Not to mention that less than 10% of the LED electrical consumption is emitted as heat.

Choosing A LED Electrician In Hawaii

The advantages of stepping up to LED technology are endless. And while they definitely cost more than traditional lighting, the savings get a true return on investment even in the first year. Whether you choose them for domestic or industrial use, LED lights are the future in lighting. It is important to mention that for businesses that use long lamp life and continuous lighting, LED is the only choice to make and get major savings in the long run. A lot of businesses have saved on such lighting over the years, and you can now do that as well. Still, having the right electrician in Kaneohe is important when opting for LED. From the right installation to the proper maintenance if needed, you should always make sure to go for an experienced repairman and electrician specialized in such technologies.

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What Does Your Homes Electrical Panel Do And When Do You Need An Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Learning the basics about your homes electrical circuitry can save you time and money when youre faced with a loss of power to a single appliance or across the board. Having some electrical knowledge will also tell you when to put the job in the hands of a professional electrician.

Electrical Panel 101

In a nutshell, the panel is what distributes power to the various circuits in your home, thats why flipping a single breaker switch might turn off power to the guest bedroom or kitchen only, without affecting other rooms. When you open the door to your electrical panel, youll see an array of On/Off switches; each should be labeled either next to the switch or inside the door, showing which circuit it controls. Note that a fuse box will have screw-in fuses rather than breaker switches, but the function is the same.

Blowing a Fuse/Tripping a Circuit Breaker

Youre blow-drying your hair, and all of a sudden, the lights go out. Or you turn on the coffee maker only to lose power in the entire kitchen. What happened? Youve probably either blown a fuse or tripped a breaker, depending upon which type of electrical panel you have. The circuits are designed to shut down safely when they experience a power overload or short circuit. If you plug too many appliances into one outlet, you have be drawing more power than the circuit can take. The circuit will shut down in order ot prevent overheating, which can lead to sparks and electrical fires. Most of the time, you can solve the problem by hanging your plug configuration to more evenly distribute the electricity, and then going to flip the circuit breaker switch or replace the fuse. However, if overloading the circuit wasnt the problem, contact an electrician in your area to investigate whether you have a short circuit or other more serious electrical issue.

Do I need a Panel Upgrade?

The electrical panels in many older homes are simply not designed to handle modern electricity needs. The electricians of 20 years ago could never have imagined a single family using a television, cable box, DVR, video game console, toaster, microwave, blender, radio, hair dryer, lamp, and more all at the same time! Even electrical appliances that arent turned on but remain plugged in can siphon electricity from the grid. If youre experiencing blown fuses or tripped breakers on a regular basis, you might be due for an electrical panel upgrade. Similarly, if your lights are flickering or just arent fully bright, you might need a panel upgrade. In general, if youre home is more than 20 years old, or if the service panel has less than 200 amps of electricity available, its time for a new electrical service panel.

If youre experiencing any of these issues, dont wait to bring in a professional electrician for an electric panel upgrade. An outdated, overstressed electrical panel isnt just inconvenientit can also be dangerous. If youve rigged your home with power strips and extension cords because you dont have enough outlets, youre putting your family and your belongings at risk of a power surge or electrical fire. Bring in a residential electrician today to get your home electrical panel up to date and ready to meet your needs.

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