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Can Shutters Save You Money

Shutters are a popular window treatment for many homeowners. They are convenient and effective, as well as attractive and affordable. They create a unique look in any room, and come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials that are sure to finish your home perfectly. Did you know, though, that a great set of shutters can save you money?


Shutters provide your home with additional insulation, meaning you can use your heating and air-conditioning less. This will lower your energy bills, making shutters a wise long-term investment in the home.

Energy Conservation

People often make the mistake believing that shutters and blinds are simply a one size fits all item. There is plenty of variety out there, and many styles have been designed specifically to improve energy conservation. It’s important to note that shutters and blinds can improve your energy consumption, thus reducing your energy costs all year round. Which makes them the most practical choice when choosing from the modern window treatment options.

Maximize Your Shutters

If you leave your windows uncovered, exposed glass makes it difficult to effectively control your temperate. In the summer months, 20 more times heat makes its way into your home without curtains, blinds, or shutters. While in the winter months, uncovered windows allow heat to escape through the glass. Meaning you run your heating and air conditioning more frequently and for longer periods of time, thus increasing your energy costs.

With shutters, you can provide a barrier between your home interior and the window. This offers you the control over your home temperature, and can save you 25% on your energy costs.

With Air Conditioning & Heating

When it’s time to hit the switch, and turn the air conditioning on, you should make sure your shutters are closed. This helps to prevent the hot summer sun from penetrating the window glass and making your air conditioning useless. You’ll soon see that you don’t need to run the AC for as long, or as often. Which will result in seriously lower energy bills.

In the winter, closing your shutters helps keep the cold air where it belongs: outside. Shutters provide additional insulation, which will prevent a loss of heat, thus minimizing the need to run the heat. It’s vital to ensure you keep your shutters closed at night, this is when temperatures drop to their lowest and the most heat loss occurs.

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You should understand when it’s time to open the shutters. The perfect example is a sunny winter day, which allows you to take advantage of solar rays that will help heat your home.

Installing shutters can lower your energy consumption, thus reducing your energy bills and saving you money. As an added bonus, you’ll be helping to protect the environment.