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3 Ac Problems That Need Toronto Ac Repair

The AC unit of your Toronto home is a big part of what keeps you cool and comfy during the heat of Summer. When the AC unit goes on the blink, when it stops functioning properly, suddenly your home is not quite as comfortable as it normally is. An AC that is not in perfect conditions can also begin to pull more energy to perform at half its full capacity.

Compressor problems are the first and the most common issues that an AC unit will face, and you will want to call in the professionals for a task like this. There are some tell tale signs that you are looking at a faulty compressor.

What is the Role of the Compressor?

The Compressor is the very heart of the AC Unit. Its task is to transfer coolant in the system under pressure, meaning it must pressurize the refrigerant first. When the compressor is not properly converting low-pressure gasses to high-pressure gases, its capacity to cool the air is gravely affected, and specific problems can ensue, as follow:

Insufficient Cooling: The most common issue that is reported from a faulty compressor is that the air is not quite cool enough. If your system is like this, blowing hot air, than it may need its compressor addressed.

Wiring Problems: Issues with the wiring can result in compressor failure. If the problems are related to the startup of the unit it may be that there is something wrong in the wiring and circuitry within the AC. The most common symptom of this is a stuttering or grinding sound when turned on. Never attempt to fix this on your own, call Toronto AC repair services to service the AC.

Motor Issues: Issues stemming from the AC motor can also begin to adversely affect the compressor. Overloading the unit can cause the compressor to malfunction due to excessive heat. The best way to make sure this doesn’t happen to your unit is to make sure the power lines and sockets that lead to your AC unit are in good condition.

Zero Cooling Capacity: In other situations, the AC may lose its capacity to cool the air in your home. This is a common occurrence after the compressor is unable to maintain the proper compression levels. You should be aware of what the proper levels are so that you can check the readings to be sure they are at optimal levels.

For these and any other issues with your AC unit call the experts in Toronto HVAC care and maintenance. Contractors like Toronto Furnace Experts are one such reputable option.